Are you Struggling to Overcome Unhealthy Patterns in your Relationships?

I can help you have more meaningful, fulfilling and lasting relationships with others, and heal your own relationship with your self in the process. 


If you are like most of the individuals I have helped, your interpersonal relationships all look the same. You feel miserable, disconnected and discouraged by the never changing patterns, and wish that you could bring meaning and happiness into your life. By working with me you will stop feeling trapped by the patterns and finally, regain the life that you deserve! 


Hello! My name is Elena Grinevitch and I am a psychologist who specializes in helping individuals heal their unhealthy relationships with others. My approach however is different because of where I place my focus. Simply put, I believe that the hindrances that we experience in our relationships with others, stem from the struggles that prevail within our selves. By bettering the individual, we can therefore better the relationships. 



Your relationships will only be as healthy as you!

 Let's work together and tranform them!



If you are new to this website, let me help you get started. I always start by suggesting that you sign up for your instant access to "5 Ways to Help You Kickstart Your Relationships" which will help you understand the most common personal struggles that prevent individuals from meaningful relationships, and some basic changes that can help you jump-start your relationships. As a bonus, you will also receive a free monthly newsletter, which includes helpful information and current events. 


Please browse my website for detailed information on how I can help you have better relationships. Learn more about the individuals I work with and the struggles they face by clicking here.  

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Please contact me to arrange a free 15-minute telephone consultation to discuss your struggles and we can explore whether we might be a good fit.





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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Relationships

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