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My practice focuses on individual and couples’ psychotherapy, to persons aged 16 years or older. I offer two effective approaches in helping clients achieve their goals.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy focuses on working through unhealthy patterns and long-standing struggles in the individual’s way of relating to others and to themselves. It is most likely the best way to help someone improve and maintain meaningful and fulfilling relationships.


If you are struggling and want to end the unhealthy patterns in your here to learn more.



Couples psychotherapy, on the other hand, focuses on the relationship dynamics and how two individuals struggle in relating to another. Most of the time, the focus tends to revolve around recognizing and tackling troublesome differences and distressing patterns. By engaging in this process, both individuals will learn to understand and relate to one another in a more respectful and gratifying way. 


If you want to work through the impasses in your here to learn more.


If you are interested in these services or looking for more information, please visit the contact page or call (514) 558-9858 ext. 102

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Please contact me to arrange a free 15-minute telephone consultation to discuss your struggles and we can explore whether we might be a good fit.





(514) 558-9858 ext. 102

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