Who I help

I help individuals who want to overcome frustrating relationship patterns. 


Most of my clients are individuals who see their relationships as “all looking and sounding the same”. Typically, they feel miserable, disconnected and discouraged by the never changing patterns, and are looking to have more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with others, and ultimately with their selves. 





...hesitate to trust others because you fear getting hurt or because you assume that others will grow to hate you? 


...close up emotionally; scared that the other person will abandon you?


...turn your relationships into emotional battlefields; and alternate between extremes of over-glamorizing and undervaluing the other individual and/or your self?


...feel abandoned and utterly alone; alienated and disconnected from those closest to you?


...withdraw from close relationships but desperately seek them at the same time; frequently alternating between isolating yourself and anxiously clinging to others?


...struggle to establish and maintain boundaries in your relationships because you are uncomfortable and feel guilty for saying no? 


... excessively respond to the needs of others and neglect your self?


... carry over unresolved emotional issues into every new relationship; letting your past dictate your future?


... loose or set aside who you are, and become who others want you to be or who you think others want you to be?



ARE ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS TRUE FOR YOU? I have helped countless number of individuals who have struggled with one, or two, or all of these obstacles. If you answered yes to any of these questions, I CAN HELP. 





The clients who are most likely to succeed when working with me share the following characteristics. If these represent you, you are someone I can help. 


  • You are finally ready to deal with the underlying issues that have caused you to be “stuck” in your pattern of frustrating relationships, and understand that it isn’t just about becoming a good partner; it’s about becoming a better individual.


  • You are willing to face the painful experiences, memories and feelings that you have been avoiding but that are relevant to your unhealthy relationship patterns. 


  • You are ready to let go of the negative feelings and develop a good emotional balance in your relationships and within your self. 


  • You’re not looking for a band-aid solution; you understand that ‘real’ change takes time, dedication and commitment.  


  • You are ready for a therapy process that is honest, transparent and challenging. You’re not looking for someone to only listen and support you; you also want to be guided through the process and ensure that you achieve your goals. 


  • You are prepared to change the way you think, act and feel about yourself so that you may better relate to those closest to you and ultimately, to the world. You want life-long changes. 



If you fit this profile, you can overcome frustrating relationship patterns. I’ve helped many individuals have more fulfilling and meaningful relationships, and I can help you to do the same. Learn more about how I help

Who are my clients?



My clients are mainly adults over the age of 16. Because I believe that each successful relationship begins with two healthy people, I work primarily with individuals rather than couples. This does not mean that I turn away couples. Instead, I favor helping each partner separately, so that they may be better together. 


My clients have also sought help to overcome the following:

  • Self-harming behaviours

  • Post-traumatic stress related to abuse, violence and assaults

  • Fears, panic attacks and anxiety

  • Emotional pain and depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Emotional eating and eating disorders

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Please contact me to arrange a free 15-minute telephone consultation to discuss your struggles and we can explore whether we might be a good fit.





(514) 558-9858 ext. 102


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